Cheap SEO Campaign Real Backlinks


£60.00 £40.00

30 Web 2.0 blogs (Dedicated accounts)
Indexer #2 (Very High indexer rate)
30 DA (Domain Authority) 50+
Indexer #2 (Very High indexer rate)
50 DA (Domain Authority) 30+
Indexer #2 (Very High indexer rate)
Tier project for 1,2,3

1000 Article directories backlinks (contextual backlinks)

Indexer #1 (95%+ Crawled rate)
Tier project for 1,2,3,4

4400 Mix profiles backlinks (forum & social networks)

Indexer #1 (95%+ Crawled rate)
Please send your 3 keywords with URL link. We will send a full report within 2 to 3 days as it takes us a while to create your full report. These are real links we create and can help your website gain full potential. We also have much higher campaigns. Message us if you are needing more.
You will get the report sent to your email address and if any problems you can email us


For this service, you can give me 3 keywords and your URL link. Please NO porn and NO Gambling websites, please. I will then send your Report within 2 to 3 days maybe sooner as we get 100s of orders. Your report will have all the links and files in a zip file. We offer more backlinks and Panda safe links in order for your website to climb the SERPs.


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